Stop & Smell The Flowers!

Hey Everyone!

I hope all is well – It’s been a busy few months (per usual). I’m here to hopefully pass along some info and share another interview! Pull up a chair, grab a drink, and be BE PRESENT. Again, BE PRESENT.  I mean how many of you are flipping back and forth between this and some other tab? I know as I’m typing this I’m having to check myself to not look at my messages or emails coming. Focusing on where I at in the present is what I’m on.

You see over the last 2 months or so I have been adding more and more to my plate. Feeling exhausted and not connected too much of anything. It felt like I was on cruise control going 95 mph an hour all the while texting, curling my lashes, and trying to drink my triple shot hammerhead. My excuse was I couldn’t be present as there wasn’t enough time to be and it took me pretty much slamming head on into traffic to stop and   SSSLLLLOOOWWWW DDDOOOOWWWNNNN.. I needed to own this as I was the one creating this chaos. Here are some tips on how I’ve been able to be more present and take my time to appreciate things around me. I hope these help!

If you have any practices share in the comments below or on my IG post! I need to note that I know I am not an expert and this is only from my own experience. Sure roll your eye but you’re probably the one who should try these out the most!

  • Mediate/ practice yoga. There are free apps, YouTube guides, and so many other FREE resources! This has been the most challenging and rewarding practices.
  • It’s OKAY to say no to people or situations that aren’t helping you be your best self. Balance courteousness with kindness, but don’t sacrifice your own sense of self-worth. It’s important to know that people don’t have to always understand someone’s decisions but rather respect them. As you go through your journey, do what’s best for YOU!
  • Plan your day accordingly and make small tasks to help you reach your goals or items you need to accomplish for the day. I have been carving out 10-15 minutes in the evening and morning to review my to do lists, etc.
  • Put the phone DOWN! Ironic since I have a blog and am on a lot of social media handles however I have a timer on my phone to let me know when I’ve reached a certain amount of screen time. During my vacation I forced myself to put down my phone and not scrolling through social media allowed me to stay present and enjoy life that was happening in front of me!

It has been tough letting go of old habits but it’s more rewarding as I feel more connected to myself and those around me. Will I slip up? Yes. But accepting that and being aware is all I need to get by. Once we are in tune with ourselves then we can expand your horizons and broaden the ranges of own experiences. Ironically I interviewed Wildflower Design Studio owner, Brooke. I love their style as it is wild and timeless. They specialize in weddings, flower bars, floral backdrops, and can host private classes if you and your friends want to learn how the pros do it! Seriously, all of you festival loving peeps can learn how to make the flower crown of your dreams.

Thanks Brooke for taking time out of your day and answering these questions! Everyone else, be sure to check em’ out for all of our floral needs – Here’s their Instagram so you can stay tuned and update on all of their happenings – @wildflower_sandiego


-How did you get started in the floral industry?

I had been living in LA and was in need of a change of scenery. I decided to move to San Diego and in that process thought, why not try flowers? I had an admiration for the craft but no experience or any clue about the industry. I applied at a few shops around town for entry level positions.  I literally started off washing buckets and running deliveries, but loved every minute! From there I started curating my own arrangements and putting together larger orders for weddings.

I soaked in everything I could because ultimately my goal was have my own business. Now, here we are!

-Any specific reason why you decided to open your shop in San Diego?

I started Wildflower from my house in North Park – which, as many can attest, has it’s challenges (shout out to my patient boyfriend who would sweep piles of leaves from the kitchen floor)!

It was during this time that I met Erika of Barre + Baywreath. She reached out to me on Instagram with her concept to create a community space connecting barre, coffee, and of course, flowers.

We now share a beautiful space with plenty of room to host workshops, meet with clients and design arrangements for weddings or corporate events.

-What does a typical day look like for you at work?

Oh, man. Asking the tough questions haha. Well, something that you may not know about Wildflower is that we also offer travel planning! A majority of the trips I plan are with couples & honeymooners who are headed to new, far away places.

That being said, I always start my day with coffee and  my computer. I’ll respond to emails from overseas suppliers, check for any flower deliveries, and attend to anything that needs my immediate attention.

With those time-sensitive tasks complete, I’ll either head to the floral markets in Carlsbad or straight to the studio. I really love going to the market with a loose plan. That’s not always possible (I can’t stay there forever!), but I like to allow the space for the seasons and the ingredients to speak for themselves.

Once I’m back in the studio, I’ll process all the new goodies and arrange any bouquets scheduled for delivery.

From here, it’s back to the computer where I have a mix of brides and travelers to check in on. Some days I can go from crafting arrangements and workshop ideas, to developing a proposal for a future wedding, to curating a summer’s bridal shower flower choices, to building itinerary outlines for a couple traveling the Mediterranean, to finalizing a VIP  experience at a generational olive farm in Puglia.

It’s incredibly exciting directing the flow of progress leading up to the big event, which could be one of the most special times in a client’s life!

All the while Barre + Baywreath is holding classes throughout the day, which means I am lucky enough to visit with all the lovely clients, pop into a class, and wrap up gifts or flowers from our rotating menu of flowers, plants, and specialty products.


-Do you have a long term version for your shop?

With Barre + Baywreath, we’ve talked so much about fostering community and building a “third space”—an area where we can all come together to enjoy, outside of home and work; an environment that cultivates an experience that’s more than just a shop or barre studio. There is SO much talent & amazing women that share the space already that long term, we really want to make that shine.

-Where do you find inspiration for your work?
I find a lot of inspiration in my neighborhood! I live in North Park / Altadena and will walk my 10 year-old Puggle in the evenings. There are so many amazing, unique, funky, cool homes and gardens around me.  I always get the best ideas or pure moments of clarity on our walks.

-I gotta ask, but what’s your favorite flower and why?

I’m going to say what every florist says…depends on the season! BUT overall, I’m a sucker for garden roses. I grew up on Maui so I don’t think I really knew how many varieties and colors there were before moving to the mainland and becoming a florist.

I love when I get to order in some of the special blooms from Grace Rose Farm. I also get to see them blooming in my neighbor’s yard . They are so romantic and wild and amazing.

-I love that you have workshops so people such as myself can try to be creative haha. When is the next event?

Thank you! They are SO MUCH FUN! We also do them privately for bridal showers, baby showers, corporate events, birthdays, you name it…I’m always so impressed with what people design and how unique they turn out.

We’re working on putting together an ongoing schedule – so stay tuned 🙂

-Where can readers connect with you in person or online?

We are most active on Instagram @wildflower_sandiego
Or, stop into our studio space M-F at 3422 Tripp Court, Suite B San Diego, CA 92121.

-Random question, I gotta throw these in at the end just because! Favorite way to wind down after a long day? 

If it’s been a long day – a good meal and nice IPA will always do the trick 🙂


Well that’s it y’all! Thanks again Brooke and thank YOU all for checking this out. See ya guys!

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