New Year, Same Me.. Or New Me? TBD…

I can still say Happy New Year’s right? Even though we are half way through January.  I hope you all had a nice holiday and if not, at least survived them unscathed. Mine were awesome! I love the holiday time, even if it gets a little busy.  But before I get any deeper into this post, I want to thank you all for your support in 2018. Also, shout out to everyone who has contributed to this small blog in this big ol’ internet world! Alright back to the topic at hand. This post is a little bit different as it is personal and I’m a little bit nervous about it.. Well actually.. Pretty nervous about. My boyfriend made a great point though.. If it goes shitty, it goes shitty. At least I did it? So here we go..

During the last few weeks of December I found myself wondering where the hell did the  year go.. I started to compare my life to those on social media. GUILTY. I KNOW! I wondered..How did I get here? What has and hasn’t changed in the past year? Am I doing what’s best for me?  Why am I not where I thought I’d be or am I exactly where I should be but can’t recognize it? *Cue the Talk Heads song Once In A Life Time* Now.. don’t get me wrong. I love my life, the people in it, and I am SO thankful for the opportunities that have come my way. I however felt this stress or unfulfilled pit in my stomach that I didn’t do enough in 2018. I had goals set for the year but found that I only scratched the surface of them.

I realized that I blew it. No one else but me was in my way. Last year I packed my schedule full of things that weren’t leading me to obtain the goals I set. For example..Training like crazy for my half marathons, saying yes to plans I wasn’t really stoked on but felt obligated to do. Basically, overbooking myself with random stuff and not saying no! I don’t regret any of it as it got me to where I am now…. I just had to take a step back.

I had some time off after Christmas and did some reading and scrolling on the internet. I found a quote that said “nothing changes, if nothing changes.”.. *MIND FUCKING BLOWN PEOPLE*. That was it! I just needed to make some changes so that I wouldn’t repeat 2018. But how was I gonna do this? Well.. I just needed to do it already. Yep, my mantra for 2019: JUST FUCKING DO IT ALREADY. Simple, right? Right.. Sort of.

I’ve set a few big goals for the year, broke those into smaller monthly goals, then broke those down to weekly goals, and yep.. You guessed it.. Broke them down into daily goals. In order to keep all of this together and not lose track, I’m using the following tools:

  • A legit planner. I wrote down my goals and was able to break them down easily! I got mine from Pigment (yes guys, they have ones for you too!) but you can Google planners to find one that’s best for you. I seriously look forward to buying a new one every year. *Nerd alert*
  • Letter Board (Check out Amazon here!). I am a visual person so I added my mantra to it so it’s literally in my face every day.
  • And the tool that we allll have.. A SMARTPHONE – It has everything on there! Reminders, alarms, task lists, etc. Use what works for you! Here’s a link to another blog that had some smart phone/organizational tips.. Or if you have an iPhone check out their tips app for more!

Not too overwhelming, right? I’m not claiming I’m a life coach or have all the answers. Because let’s be honest.. No one really has it all together anyways. I just hope to inspire anyone out there that’s struggling or needs some inspiration.

So… here’s to 2019. If we fall on our ass, may we have the strength to dust ourselves off and try it again. May we all be a little bit nicer to one another and remember everyone is going through some something. And if all else fails.. There’s always 2020! (Which I can’t wait to participate in the roaring 20’s). Now, get out there and just fucking do it already you crazies.


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