Word To Your Mother Earth

It’s about damn time I posted something on here. I went on a little writing (or I guess typing?) hiatus and to be honest, it feels good to be back. Hope you guys are kickin’ some ass out there and if not… Well hang in there buttercup.

I wanted to revive this blog by posting about something that is near and dear to my heart… And I’m sure some of your’s too. Planet Earth. You know… That big, round or flat to some (need to be PC ya know) place we call home. Also, if you haven’t heard Earth Day is coming up on Sunday so… Why not get a jump start on celebrating by providing you guys with some ways we can create less waste and save some natural resources that our Earth can’t keep on tap at all times. It’s the least we can do for it after going on this never ender bender for a few generations.

Lemme give a quick little history lesson on Earth Day. This isn’t newly created Hallmark holiday and it wasn’t used to generate social media content. Earth Day started back in 1970 when people took to the streets to protest the impact of the Industrial Revolution. Earth Day is now celebrated around the world and is kind of a big deal. Peep this site for more info. (CLICK ME!)

I know some of you might not care because you won’t be here in a few decades or believe that Earth will do what it wants so why try? Which you are entitled to your own opinion but I’d like to take care of it and teach others how to as well. To me it’s like owning a used car. We should do our best to maintain it so while we are here.. It can run as best as possible. Unless, you are someone who would rather put off oil changes which slowly breaks down the engine. But then.. You’re really screwed because you now have no car. Before I go off on a whole other tangent..Here are some ways that we can create less waste and have a positive impact on our sweet ass mother Earth:

  • Swap plastic bags for reusable ones.
  • Always have a reusable water bottle with you.
    • Here’s a link for one that I use if I don’t forget it at the office: BUY ME
  • Eat more whole foods and less meat/fish. I know, I know.. Roll your eyes at that suggestion but in 2018 there are A LOT of meatless substitutes for you to choose from. The impact that our overeating asses eat has on the planet is insane. Just Google it.
  • Bring reusable containers and utensils everywhere!!
  • Say no to straws at the bar. If you really need one, try a reusable one! Straws
  • Use a bamboo toothbrush. Apparently we toss out a billion plastic ones a year and they can’t be recycled. So these things are chillin’ in dumps and our ocean.
  • Make your own beauty goods or simply use bar soap (less plastic packaging being used)
    • I just found this woman in San Diego last week and love her stuff! @Dez_handmade
  •  Check local thrift/vintage stores for clothes (some times you’ll save some cash too!)

Well damn… Look at that. A few minor changes that won’t impact your wallet but can have a major impact on our planet. We now have over 7 billion people here and we aren’t going to just stop popping out babies… So let’s do our best to put in just a little effort and continue to educate each other on ways to take care of our Earth..Who knows, maybe we can finally have some nice things.  Comment or hit me up with products and changes you’ve implemented that help our babe of a planet!

Have a killer weekend and go do somethin’!


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