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Oh hey guys! How’s it goin’? Hope you all have been kickin’ ass. Can you believe we have about 8 weeks left of 2017? WTF. Where the hell did this year go?! (Jesus… I sound like my Dad). So, last time I posted an interview with artist/visionary Lucas Beaufort which I hope you enjoyed! His art show was legit and you can of course check out his stuff any time ( click here for the previous post) . But anyway, back to this post… I wanted to interview/feature another small business because this company JUST launched their fall/winter clothing line and their founder is a San Diego local… So, naturally…I of course have a soft spot for em’.

The company is called Pick Pocket MFG (PPMFG) which is founded by Josh Stafford (pictured below). Name sound familiar? You’ve probably seen him in featured clips on that Internet. He skates for companies such as Arbor Skateboards, Independent Trucks, and OJ Wheels. This dood is killin’ it on and off the board!

Alright, enough of this intro… Let’s get into the interview!


– How did Pick Pocket MFG come about, the name, etc.?

Basically, I had way too many shirts.  I got a box from Indy one day I think, and was trying to fit more shirts into my tiny three drawer dresser for the millionth time.  I tried going through all the shirts to see which ones I could donate, or which ones to just toss out.  Sure enough, I couldn’t get rid of enough of the shirts to make them all fit.  For whatever reason, there were a bunch of those shirts I had, that I never wore, but still didn’t want to get rid of.  So, I started cutting them up into pocket shapes and trying to sew them onto new shirts using my favorite parts of whatever shirt I was chopping up.

At the time, I also had no sewing machine…Let alone even knew how to sew by hand.  The first couple I made for myself and homies by hand until more and more people wanted their own.  I didn’t take the idea of turning it into a real company seriously for probably 6 months or so.  For a while, I was really hyped on the name “Sew What”, but then some more ideas were getting passed around…One of them being Pick Pocket.  From then on that’s what it was and the name fit perfectly too.  You choose the pocket, then pick the size and color shirt you want me to sew that pocket onto.  Done deal. So yeah, that’s where the name came from.

– Who’s backing PPMFG, financially?

So far it has been all me (Josh) since the beginning.  I’m open to the idea of having some investors though…If they want to toss some money my way to let me make some rad handmade shit, I’m all about it.  I’m just not trying to rush the process and let it grow organically.

– Is there anyone else besides you behind the sewing machine?

Just like the financial backing, it’s my back I’m breaking behind the sewing machine all day. Haha. Surprisingly, the sewing part of the business is still probably my favorite.  Having an idea of something I want to make, then fucking around with it long enough to make it a reality is super cool.

– Earlier this year you premiered the PPMFG video Sew And Destroy, how did that come about?

I really just wanted to make a short variety hour-type video to show what the company was about, how we do what we do, and why we do it. It also talked about the idea of the company, a couple of random skit type things, and about had some skating too.  I’m in the process of cutting up the video right now into separate pieces.  Eventually, I’d like to turn that Sew & Destroy skate promo into a full length video in the next year or so.


– Is there anything in the works for 2018 that you can drop any hints on? The people want to know!

We just dropped a new product line last week and so far that will carry us through winter of next year.  After that I’ll come out with a Spring/Summer line. I’m trying to keep up with dropping new stuff at least twice a year.  I’m really just trying to push the brand to that next level.  Hopefully, we can have some ads running and some more distribution to the core skate shops out there.

Who knows…Maybe by the end of 2018 I’ll have someone helping me out a lil’ more so when I refer to Pick Pocket MFG as “we”, it will actually mean more than just me haha.  As for me personally, I’m hoping to release a full part in the beginning of the year for Pick Pocket jointed with one of the “team” dudes like Jesse Arrowood from Santa Cruz.

– If you could collaborate with anyone/company, who would it be?

Shit that’s a tough one… Really nothing would make me happier than to have Pick Pocket turn into collaboration based company.  The whole point is reusing old shirts that you loved so much you can’t trash.  Companies come out with rad as fuck graphics all the time that just can’t last as long as the shirt they are usually printed on.  So, working with companies to use extra product they have from past seasons or just misprinted graphics is something I really want to get into.

The whole idea for this company was BY NO MEANS to steal any company’s graphics or ideas, but rather to give the rad graphics and styles they’ve made a second life.  Working with a company like Brixton or Sketchy Tank would be awesome.  They’re both SD based brands that started out in a garage like me, doing what they love.  So, they are pretty much who I look up to and strive to be like someday.  Also, Lucas Beaufort is a slightly different style than my clothes have been in the past but I’d love to work with him.  Get some bright colored ski mask guys goin’! Always backed his art over skate photos, haha.


– Recently you were injured and we all hope you heal up soon! How are you holding up?

Not being able to skate is always terrible.  I guess the silver lining is I’ve been super busy getting this new line going.. So, I haven’t been going as stir crazy as I usually do when I’m hurt.  I’ve just been trying to stay up on physical therapy to get my knee back to 100%.  I got a camera earlier this year so when I’m hurt I can film a lot more with the homies. Willis Kimbel, Taylor Bingaman, Alex Perelson, Clay Kreiner, basically anyone who’s down ha.

– When you are able to skate, where are some of your favorite spots?

WSVT will always be my favorite I think just because nothing comes easy there and its super humbling just to do a FS grind in most spots.  Since I moved up to Vista about a year ago, I’ve been skating Prince Park in Oceanside a lot.  Now I have the new Vista Park two minutes from my house so that’s the new local.  But really, I just try to skate different shit every day and not get too heavily sucked into one spot at a time.

– What motivates you?

Laziness. Does that make sense?  If I do nothing or even just try to relax to long, I guilt trip myself into thinking I’m a piece of shit and need to get off my ass and do something haha.  Maybe it comes from working from home and never feeling like work is done.  Basically, getting to the end of the day and being able to say “Fuck yeah, I didn’t waste my day”.


Hell ya, well thanks Josh for your time! Heal up and we’ll see ya out there.

Well, there you have it crazies. Josh is a solid dood just trying to recycle your favorite shirts and do something legit for the skating community…culture… world? However you identify it, it’s a breath of fresh air. That home grown shit… Ya know? I hope you enjoyed learning about PPMFG as much as I did! And hey, don’t forget to check out PPMFG’s Fall/Winter line and buy EVERYTHING! Here’s the link to their site #PPMFG and you better throw em’ a follow on the gram too!

Photo cred:

Skate Photos by MATT SMITH 
Product shots by BRANDON MEANS

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