Devoted – Lucas Beaufort

One day I was cruising the gram and came across a photo of someone skating… It however wasn’t just another killer shot that randomly comes up in that explore page. The photo had some funky looking characters painted into them and they were strategically placed. I loved the idea! I then found myself scrolling through their feed (I mean way into their feed, liking photos that were posted months ago) and then of course threw that person a follow. That person ended up being Lucas Beaufort (check his site here and his gram).

This dood from Cannes has become one of the most recognizable artists in the game and he has worked his ass off. He is someone that understands the need for print media and has studied it for quite some time. I was lucky enough to catch him in between launching his DEVOTED video (peep the link @ the end of article) and setting up for his latest gallery show which will be in LA (on my bday just a fun little fact), October 10th! Read all about Lucas in this interview below.

LB 3

  • Have you always had a passion for art? Tell us a bit about your early experiences with it.

My mum is an artist; I grew up surrounding by her creations. I feel like she gave me the passion for art but she never pushed me. I started to paint I was 26; it was random, just out of the blue. I did a painting for my brother, it was Christmas time and I wanted to make something special for him and it’s what I did.

  • How do you know when a piece is finished?

It’s pretty natural; I never think about it, I know when it’s finish when my hand can’t keep going.

  • Haha hell ya, keep goin’ to the wheels fall off or I guess in this case your hand. Speaking of finishing up, you just finished your last pieces for your show in LA. What inspired you to put on this exhibit?

The Gallery, “Please Do Not Enter” in Los Angeles contacted me a while a go to host my new solo art show. I called it, “Rue James Grant-Milne”, in reference of my childhood. This show is going to be really special because of all the memories that I have from this time. The Gallery is really open to experiment new stuff, I think that people would be surprise. The show will open Oct 10th from 6 to 9 pm. (RSVP here!).

LB 45

  • Is there a piece of art that you are most proud to show off? And if so, why?

I’m super critical with myself; it’s not easy to be satisfied with what you do, especially as an artist. I’m always trying to improve my style, I think it’s the key, to think that you can always do something better.

  • When creating pieces, what is your most important tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

I always need my little scrapbook with me. I’m inspired by everything around me and I don’t wanna miss anything so I need it to note whatever i have in mind.

lab 4

  • Throughout history skating and art seem to go hand n’ hand. Why do you think that is?

Skateboarding is my biggest inspiration. When I started in 1994 I didn’t know any brands so the graphic was really important for me. I remember the 1st time my mum bought me a board. I picked the best graphic not because of the brand. 25 years later I feel the same, I’m still super influence by the graphic even if I know brands now.

  • What’s your current skate setup?

Currently I skate a Passport, Indy (super loose), and Small wheels.

  • Top 5 favorite skaters… Ready… GO!

Right now I would say Miles Silvas, Diego Najera, Wes Kremer, Louie Lopez and Sebo Walker.

  • You’ve had a busy year! Premiering  your documentary DEVOTED, dropping your collab with Sk8Mafia, and still making one of kind pieces to sell to your fans!  Any hints on your next project?

I try to stay busy so I have tons of projects in process. I love filming so I will probably make a new documentary pretty soon.


Thanks guys for checking out the interview and a huge shout to Lucas! Be sure to check out Lucas’ sites and his latest documentary, “DEVOTED”. Hope to see you all out in LA on October 10th!

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