Head to the local skate shop and pick up some shirts, stop by the craft store to get fabric, get some shipments out, and finally down some beers with skater legend/boyfriend, Andy Roy, at Potrero. This is just all in a day’s work for small business owner, Priya Khosla. Priya does it all ladies and gentlemen. From hunting down shirts, cutting, sewing, painting, shipping, etc. DIY shit! This is why I wanted to feature her as our first small business owner.

This babe is killin’ it out here in California! Priya was nice enough to take some time and answer some questions about SHOP LAZYDAZE. (Don’t worry doods, she has some stuff for you too!) Check out the interview below… Oh and scope the pics of her modeling some designs!


– So, what pushed you to get this company going?

Long story short I was getting fired from every job for not going into work all the time and was sick of working for other people. I cut up an Antihero shirt one day and made it into a “swimsuit” then I posted it on Instagram and got hit up a bunch about where chicks could buy them so I started an Etsy shop!

Pic 3

– Is there a backstory behind the name?

So last year I left San Francisco for a few months and was living in Orange County with no direction and really fucking confused on what the fuck I was going to do with my life. The couple months before I made the first Antihero bodysuit, I was only making swimsuits. I had this idea in my head of me living in an RV, skating and traveling, and making money by sewing bikinis and selling them at the beach to tourists . I almost bought this old school camper and it was called “Lazy Daze” so I was like fuck that’s tight!!! I called my company that but never got the camper hahaha maybe one day.

– All of your items are handmade which isn’t easy. Did you have to teach yourself how to sew?

I’ve been sewing since I was a kid, maybe like 11 or 12. I started off hand sewing patches onto my little punk vests and sewing up my pants super tight so that’s sort of how I got into it. I think my mom got me a sewing machine for my birthday sometime in middle school and I was hooked. I hated being around people so I’d just lock myself in my room for days then go show my parents or friends what I made and they would be like what the fuck? You just made that? It’s like the one thing I’ve always been really good at.

Pic 4

– Who or what influences your style/design?

I’m not really sure. I soak up a lot of stuff I see on the internet or whatever. I just make what I like.

– Any skate companies you dyin’ to work with in the future?

Hmmm not really sure… Supreme causes then I know I’ve really made it. Supreme, holla atcha girl haha

– You kill it on the board too. What’s your current skate setup?

I ride an 8.25. Always an Antihero board, formula 4s and Indy trucks. Think my bearings are Hard Luck cause they were free but Swiss are rad if I can afford them!

Pic 1

– Favorite spot to skate?

Potrero skate park in San Francisco since that’s where I learned how to skate. Plus it’s the best park because everyone there is fucking nuts. It’s always a good time. I also like that Santa Cruz park that’s downtown, Volcom in Costa Mesa, Etnies in Lake Forest. There’s a bunch. Anything that has big tranny, bowls, and mini bowls all in one. It’s fun to fuck with everything.

– Gotta ask, can you give us any sneak peeks on anything you have in the works for LAZYDAZE?

As far as Lazy Daze designs, I’m not sure because I sort of just come up with stuff as I go and can’t keep a secret. So whatever I come up with that’s new you guys will usually see the day I make it. I do have some rad shit happening though. I’m opening a skate shop/storefront for Lazy Daze and it will be a block from Potrero skate park in San Francisco. I’ll probably have a grand opening art show or something. You’re all invited!!!!!!

– For those out there trying to start their own line, any advice for them you’d like to pass off to them?

Shit isn’t gonna make itself you have to put effort into it. If you have a thought or an idea that you’ve been wanting to do for a while just go for it and make it happen. I never thought I’d be killing it like I am its fucking crazy to think about. Working for myself and doing whatever I want is seriously a dream come true. Just make sure you have time for yourself and aren’t always slaving away working because what the fucks the point if you’re not doing fun shit.

Pic 2


Well damn, there you have it! We appreciate Priya takin’ the time to chat with us! She is doin’ a hell of a job and is settin’ the example for all of us. Do what YOU want and have fun with it!  Now… Go to her online shop (click here), buy everything, and give her a follow on Instagram by clicking here!

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